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Courses at Ružomberok

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Spring/summer 2023                            

video meetings by appointment (in e-mail): 24/7 but primarily Tue & Wed;
in person: by appointment (!) Mon 16:30 - 18:00 Rm F325;
my dates are 26 Feb, 11 March, 25 March, 8 April, 22 April, 6 May, (+14-15 May).

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Sémantika / Semantics   Mon 8.50-10.20, 10.30-12.00 (F010) on specified dates (see above!)

Lecture course for MA students
Introduction to the study of meaning relations in languages, with a focus on (i) English, and (ii) cognitive linguistics. Readings: parts of FRH and of Ungerer & Schmid.

Morfológia a syntax / Morphology and syntax     Moodle
Mon 13.00-14.30, 14.40-16.10 (F010) on specified dates (see above!)      
Lecture course for BA students.  
Topics: Morphology - 
Category vs. function - Word-level categories - Phrases - The simple sentence - The complex sentence, subclauses - Information packaging - Pro-forms and ellipsis. 
Reading: Balogné Bérces (2016) The Structure of English: Ch. 1.1-12.1 (= StrE). (N.B. We only read the first subchapter in each chapter. The rest is for extension.) 
Downloads: key to the StrE exercises (Sept 2019 version) - sample test (in fact, an old and slightly outdated exam test).

Rozširujúce štúdiumSyntax 2 schedule -- Stylistics schedule -- History of English topics)